We use QuickBooks and will show you how it can improve your efficiency and accuracy


Is your business swimming with Bookkeeping chores? Let our QuickBooks ProAdvisor get you up and running quickly.

QuickBooks accounting software is the preferred accounting software of businesses. As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, K.B. Daniel & Company can help you with QuickBooks Setup and Ongoing Support so that your business can take advantage of the most efficient software for accounting and bookkeeping on the market.

Working with a QuickBooks Accounting Professional is the best way to ensure that you get accurate and meaningful results from your QuickBooks software.

Although QuickBooks is designed for easy use by the layman, the initial setup and installation of the software should be done by a professional to ensure that all future accounting records are accurate. This is especially important if you decide to switch from manual accounting to QuickBooks in the middle of a fiscal year.

QuickBooks Services

Here is a brief overview of the Services that we provide to assist you with your QuickBooks Setup:

  • Selecting the right version of QuickBooks Accounting Software for your business;

  • QuickBooks Chart of Accounts Setup, including Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll and Inventory;

  • Entering your transactions into QuickBooks;

  • Preparation of lists related to the items that are billed to your customers, including Services, Non-Inventory Parts, Inventory Parts, Sales Taxes and other charges;

  • Training for your staff in the use of QuickBooks for Accounting and Tax Purposes;

  • QuickBooks Support to answer all questions at every level of QuickBooks Expertise, ranging from novice to advanced.

Our QuickBooks Services are designed to be comprehensive so that you will have all of the tools that you need to manage accounting for your business with QuickBooks.

Ongoing QuickBooks Support

As with any Accounting Software Setup and Maintenance, time spent working on the software means less time spent on your business. Our Services are designed to help you manage your accounting records so that you can focus on what is important.

We can provide Bookkeeping Support on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis to help ensure that your QuickBooks data files are accurate and up-to-date.

QuickBooks Setup Costs

Our QuickBooks Accounting Services are designed to meet the budgets of our clients. We'll first discuss your business and your accounting needs with you before we quote a price for our services. We work with many businesses and we guarantee fair pricing along with customized services to solve your accounting challenges.

Ready to Get Started?

If you are looking for QuickBooks Accounting or Setup Assistance, K.B. Daniel & Company can help. Contact us today at (916) 693-5787 to request a consultation.

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